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Love You Burlesque’s Top Five Corset Styles

By May 22, 2018 No Comments

We love corsets. That’s right, we said it. Love You Burlesque adores the look, feel and sight of a corset – and that’s even before we’ve got them on! There’s nothing quite like lacing ourselves into our stunning outfits ready to shimmy the night away at our weekly class! There are so many different types of corsets out there and we all have our favourites – here are five of ours! 



The Little Black Dress (or LBD, as it has become fondly known) is a staple in many women’s wardrobes. This also transcends into burlesque as most performers have a staple Little Black Corset tucked away. The LBC is ideal to use as a blank canvas for many a burlesque costume and, whether paired with sparkly knickers and a bra, or a no-holding-back glittery, feathery, winged number – you can be sure that the LBC will stand you in good stead throughout your performance.

The Corset Creation

If you’re a fan of all things arts and crafts, the chances are that you’ve turned your hand to a corset creation of your own. Whether a performer begins with a LBC, or something more adventurous, there’s no doubt that the corset creation that is made will absolutely be fabulous, colourful, unique and beautiful. Just don’t look too closely… we craft, but we don’t often craft well.

The Cosplay Corset

Burlesque isn’t just a space for women to feel sexy, confident and fabulous – it’s also a chance for them to break out of the mainstream and discover their own characters in performance. Many burlesque babes choose to dress up for some of their routines – it only takes a quick search on Google or YouTube and you’ll find that you’re inundated by bumblebee burlesque beauties, balloon corsets, corsets to clown around in, corsets that have been styled to look like Wonder Woman’s costume. The point is, a corset does not restrict the performer, it offers an abundance of creative freedom. 

The Old Faithful

As any burlesque performer knows, there is always a corset that is your favourite. Whether it fits your curves juuuust right, whether it lifts those puppies just how you like, or whether it is simply the most perfect colour… we all have a favourite. Time and time again, we turn to our Old Faithful corset when we need to – and, when lacing yourself up, it almost feels like a hug from an old, faithful, familiar friend. 

The Classic Pin-Up Corset

Think cinched at the waist. Think classic 1950s curves. Think pin-up girls. Think Dita Von Teese. The classic pin-up corset is a favourite for any 50s loving burlesque Queen who wants to stay true to burlesque’s roots. Many a performer breaks away from more traditional styles of burlesque in favour of a niche style of performance – which is F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S – but for those who honour the more traditional side of burlesque, you’ll likely find a classic pin-up corset stashed away in their wardrobe.


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