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Love You Burlesque’s Summer Mission Statement…

By August 1, 2018 No Comments

Sunshine, BBQs, beer gardens and beach trips – there’s no doubt about it, summer is upon us. Unfortunately for many of us, that means that the media, magazines and social media are rife with campaigns to lose weight and get ‘summer body ready’. Instead of enjoying the sunshine, we’re worrying about how many calories our delicious ice cream has; instead of taking a dip in the pool we’re concerning ourselves with our stretch marks and instead of wearing the bare minimum to keep cool, we’re told not to show off our skin in case we offend people.

The mainstream media seem to have their own summer mission statement which, sadly, encourages people to feel badly about the skin that they’re in. Here at Love You Burlesque, we disagree. We are putting forwards our own Summer Mission Statement that we think that you should use to enjoy a long, hot summer – free from the judgements that society puts upon us.

Introducing Love You Burlesque’s Summer Mission Statement…


Learn that your body shape and size do not equate to your worth!

Oohlala! You can be as fabulous as you want to be!

Value yourself for the things that you can do!

Engage in positive conversations about body image and self-esteem!

Yes! Say yes to things that come your way – don’t hold back!

Overcome hurdles that you think will stop you!

Unite with likeminded women and men who will support you no matter what!

Remember to look after yourself – self-care doesn’t just mean a bubble bath

Sparkle, wherever and whenever you can!

Educate others on how they can begin a journey of self love.

Let it go. Let negativity go. Let negative comments go. Just let it go.

Forgive yourself for mistakes you may have made and focus on moving forwards!


If you want to spend your summer shimmying & sparkling with Love You Burlesque, then click here to see the summer courses we have on offer near you!


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