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Why we love our LYB tutors…

By September 20, 2018 No Comments

Here at Love You Burlesque we’ve been enjoying a week full of brand new courses and choreography as our classes begin working on their Cabaret routines! This is also an exciting time for Love You Burlesque tutors, who get to introduce new members to the wonderful world of burlesque and get to grips with their new dances.

It got us thinking about our tutors at LYB HQ, and what it means to us that so many ladies not only come to our classes but end up teaching them! So, here’s to you – our fabulous tutors – we love you!

What do our tutors do?

There are no rules or guidelines to teaching burlesque and being a tutor is not about being the best dancer, or having the best costume or fan wafting skills. Our classes are not about training professional performers, but simply about being part of dance class which makes you feel like a million dollars, even when you are not feeling your best, and leaving a class with a smile on your face. Our tutors aim to do just that, for their students and for themselves!

Positive vibes all the way…

Our tutors are  the facilitators of body confidence magic rather than people to be admired and put on a pedestal at the front of the class. They need to be able to make everyone in the room feel welcome in the first instance and engage with the ladies throughout to make them all feel fabulous! They need to be confident, approachable and treat everyone as an individual. If they have had a bad day, they need to be able to ‘shimmy it off’ for that hour and give the ladies the best Love You Burlesque experience possible. Generally, half way through the class, they will have forgotten what was bothering them in the first place anyway! We praise our tutors for their positive outlook on life and encouragement of all abilities in their classes!

Practically perfect…

On a practical level, LYB tutors are able to stand at the front, teach the ladies a dance at an appropriate speed and level that is inclusive.  They recognise if anyone is struggling with a particular move and help them (without singling them out).  At the end of the day, if they are always two beats behind and enjoying themselves what does it matter!?

You are enough…

Most importantly, our tutors are sensitive to the all of their class’ needs and potential body confidence issues. Being outwardly confident doesn’t come with age, size, shape or ability, it’s about accepting who you are and being able to say, think and feel – I AM ENOUGH!!


Click here to find out who our tutors are and which classes they teach!


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