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Love You Burlesque’s Top 5 Feel Good Tracks to Perform To…

By March 1, 2019 No Comments

As the sun begins to shine and the sky becomes bluer, we can’t help but find that the arrival of spring has, well, it’s put a spring in our step here at Love You Burlesque HQ! At risk of sounding like a Disney film, the singing birds and gentle breezes have made us feel quite joyful and in need of some damn good feel-good music. It’s made us realise that burlesque doesn’t always have to be slow and sexy, in fact there are plenty of songs out there that lend themselves to the feel-good factor. Let the good times flow with our Top 5 Feel Good Tracks to Perform To…


If you’re a Love You Burlesque performer or fan, then you’ll recognise this track from the 2018 Christmas Cabaret. The Colchester Bombshells debuted the choreography for this feel-good song by Aretha Franklin and, if you were in the audience that night, you’ll know that it certainly got toes-tapping and shimmies… shimmying! Jam-packed with female empowerment and with Aretha’s voice belting out, we challenge you not to feel good when performing to this 1960s classic.


Queen of sass, Christina Aguilera, graced our MTV screens in the early 2000s with Candyman and, ever since, it has maintained its status as a modern 1950s cherry-pop classic. For any burlesque lover who also enjoys the pin-up-side of burlesque, Candyman will undoubtedly become your favourite feel-good burlesque track to perform to! Just don’t read too much into the lyrics, it’s not all as innocent as it may first seem… 😉


Bump ‘n’ Grind is a firm favourite here at Love You Burlesque. Not only for the fantastic music which, let’s face it, deserves a spot in the Burlesque Hall of Fame, but because all of its thigh-slappingly-good, female-thrusting, fierce-faced goodness, rates incredibly high for the feel-good factor. We challenge you not to feel good whilst slapping your thighs and getting down-and-dirty with some bump ‘n’ grind!


With dance moves such as the twist, the Watootsie, the boogaloo and the Boney Muroney, ‘Shake Your Tail Feather’, as heard in the 1980s classic The Blues Brothers, will undoubtedly make you feel good when you perform it. Not only will the nostalgic dance moves boost your mood, but having ‘feather’ in the title absolutely calls for a feather boa routine, and there’s nothing that a burlesque performer loves more than shaking her tail feathers!


The ultimate in feel good burlesque tracks, Michael Bublé’s Feeling Good is the feel good song of the century. Mr Bublé’s dulcet tones will lull the audience into a false sense of security as your feminine wiles place them firmly in the palm of your hand. Nothing feels quite as good as commanding the audience in this way!

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