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With only a few weeks to go until the annual Love You Burlesque Charity Cabaret event on Saturday 29th June, we can’t help but feel the shimmies of excitement beginning! It’s nearly time for our students to dust off their corsets, step into their frillies and showcase the fabulous routines they’ve been learning in their weekly class, all for your entertainment!

Ask anyone who’s been to a Love You Burlesque Cabaret event before and they’ll tell you to expect a night of sparkles, sequins and general burlesque revelry as well as some extra special treats. But if you’ve never been before here’s what else you can look forward to on the night…

Dance, Dance, Dance

If you’re coming along to support a family member, loved one or friend (or just fancy being a peeping Tom for the night), then you can expect to see our brilliant classes perform their most recent routine. Supporting diversity, the LYB tutors select a variety of dances to teach their students and with every performance, you can expect something different – from 50s style burlesque and modern day takes on classic pieces, to Broadway-style performances and seductive dances, whatever style burlesque you like, the LYB cabaret will showcase them all. Not only this, but the dancefloor will be open to the audience throughout the night, so you can show us what you’ve got between performances and, of course, once the cabaret dances are over.

Costume Chaos

Apart from corsets, gloves and stockings being flung aside with wild abandonment, you can expect to see the best of the best where costumes are concerned. Our LYB students are a crafty and talented bunch and many of the sparkly bras, knickers, pasties, gloves and other parts of costumes may well have been handmade by our dancers. A lot goes into a final performance and it’s a lot more than simply learning a routine – our LYB lovelies take pride in their appearance on performance night and want to put on the best show possible for you.

Kimmy Von Shimmy & her Gorgeous Goodies

A firm favourite of Love You Burlesque, Kimmy Von Shimmy will return once more with her gorgeous goodies. For the naughty minded among you, this means that she’ll be bringing along her handmade hair flowers and accessories as well as pasties for your perusal. We’re sure that if you look hard enough, you’ll be able to see some of these pasties and accessories in action as our LYB lovelies adore Kimmy’s talents.

Audience Participation

One thing that we enjoy at LYB is good old-fashioned audience participation. Obviously your participation is optional, but to get the most out of the night we suggest that you take full advantage of any shimmy-alongs that may happen, be sure to whoop, shout and clap to your heart’s content so that our gorgeous LYB students can feel your support and, most of all, make sure that you have fun!

Still not sure about coming along? Why not read the review of last year’s performance here!

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