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Meet Magenta Sparkle

By February 1, 2020 No Comments

Hello Lovelies, I’m Magenta Sparkle and I am your new Love You Burlesque resident blogger.

Before I start filling your lives with information about the history of burlesque, top tips for dancers and lots of fabulous photos, I thought I should introduce myself and let you have a little look into my life.

My first performance with Love You Burlesque

The day to day

Civilian Magenta works full time as a journalist in Essex. 

I am 21 years old and have a fiancé, a dog, two cats and three pet rats.

Many people would say I’m a very confident, outgoing person, and what they really mean is I’m very loud.

If you have ever been at a Love You Burlesque class, workshop or event with me, you probably know who I am.

If the overwhelming amount of pink I wear didn’t catch your eye, then you probably heard me first!

As you can probably tell from my name, my favourite colour is pink, and I love anything that is covered in glitter and sparkles.

I am a huge Disney fan, and it is my life goal to one day star as my very own Disney Princess.

My dance story

Love You Burlesques solo showcase 2019

I first started dancing when I was just three years old. Ballet, tap, modern and commercial dance were all a massive part of my life until I was 18 and had to leave my dance school.

I started belly dancing when I was 13 and still do so now. 

When I was at university I also learnt pole dance. It was a great way of combining my dance background with new elements of strength and a great way to feel sexy.

My favourite thing about dance has always been the performing. The feeling of getting on stage and doing what I love best is something I never get tired of and always crave more.

Costumes are also a huge love of mine. 

From a very young age I remember giving my parents a fashion show of all my costumes every time a show was coming.

I am still totally obsessed with costumes today, especially anything that sparkles.

Fortunately I am quite good with a sewing machine so I can custom make many of my costumes.

Creating Magenta

Bubble Delight- My debut act

I became interested in Burlesque when I was quite young and saw the film with Christina Aguilera.

I was mesmerised with the music, the confidence and how the dancers left their audiences practically begging for more.

I was far too young to start learning burlesque but I did get more into my jazz dance and the glamorous side of performing.

After leaving dance at 18 I had a couple of years of dancing far less that I wanted, until I bit the bullet and joined Love You Burlesque in October 2018.

My first routine with the Colne Valley Vixens was a saucy chair dance to Chicago’s All That Jazz. There could not have been a better routine to start my burlesque journey.

I had already done quite a bit of jazz dance before so felt right in my element, and loved the new sexy style.

From then on I became totally obsessed with burlesque and everything to do with it.

I fell in love with the style, the classes and workshops.

It was when I attended the ‘Spring Nips’ workshop in March 2019 that I knew Burlesque really was ‘my style’. 

Magenta wasn’t born until November 2019 when I took part in the solo showcase.

I showed everyone my energetic personality in my debut act, ‘Bubble Delight’ a balloon popping extravaganza.

Performing that dance was one of the best feelings I have ever had and one that I craved more of straight away.

Right now my head is full of act ideas, and I am super excited about what’s to come.

The blog

You are probably wondering what on earth I am going to be writing about – I promise it won’t all be about me!

I will be doing a great range of blogs, from top tips for performers, to longer pieces about the history of burlesque and why it is like it is today.

If you have anything in particular that you want to read more about feel free to let me know.

Well that’s that, hopefully you now know a little more about me, and are excited to read what I have coming.

Remember to make sure your sparkle always shows,

Lots of love,

Magenta x

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