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The art of Bump and Grind

By February 5, 2020 No Comments

Bump and Grind is one of the more classical styles of burlesque, and in my opinion one of the sexiest.

It’s what most people picture when they first think of burlesque, even though we all know there is far more to it.

I would say that Bump and Grind is something that every aspiring Burlesque dancer needs to try as it teaches the fundamental skills of strip tease, musicality and character.

The moves 

It’s pretty self explanatory what types of moves are used in Bump and Grind.

Bump – The thrust

Grind – The rotating hip circle.

The Bump and Grind became popular between the 1940s to the 1950s.

All of the moves are designed to accentuate the movements of sexual pleasure, resulting in a very hot style of dance.

It features influences from many different dances including Belly dance, African dance and even Hula dance.

A Bump and Grind routine will often feature a range of moves including hip drops, chest pops and plenty of slow rolls and body circles.

It is in no way a rushed dance, with dancers making sure they tease the audience for as long as possible.

Bump and grindThe music

Typical Bump and Grind routines feature music without any lyrics.

Strong beats and a varied tempo are very important for making the most out of this style.

The best music for a Bump and Grind dance will be jazz based, with a ‘big band’ feel.

You can also use all types of influences from rock to pop, but it is essential for the track to have a mix of sharp and soft moments.

The costumes

There is no doubt that Bump and Grind costumes are glamorous.

Picture sparkly gowns, fluffy boas and gorgeous shoes.

There is nothing that is essential to be able to dance this style, however panel skirts are very common as when ‘wafted’ they accentuate the Bump.

Where you can learn

Tutors Miss_nic_oh_la_la of Love You Burlesque

Miss Nic Oh La La

If you want to give Bump and Grind a go, Love You Burlesque has a workshop dedicated to it happening this weekend (Saturday, February 8).

The two hour class will be taught by the ever fabulous Miss Nic Oh La La.

She told me a little bit more about this sexy style.

“In a time where everything was proper to see a woman gyrating was shocking, only women of ill repute did those sorts of things, wiggle hips, thrust pelvis, move in ways that mimic sex. 

“It’s partly why burlesque is so empowering, women claiming their sexual power, enjoying their bodies and being noticed for enjoying/ having sensual and sexual desires.”

To find out more about the ‘Cupid Bumps Workshop’ and to book your place click here.

Magenta x

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