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How to enjoy burlesque even in the Covid-19 lockdown

By April 25, 2020 No Comments

Everything in life has changed right now.
Coronavirus has meant that many of us are working from home, or not at all, and key workers are a lot busier than normal.
The kids are off school, and we can’t go out and enjoy ourselves.
Sadly we aren’t able to see our loved ones and we have realised how precious our time with our friends and family really is.
One of the things many of us will be missing is burlesque.
Whether  it’s going to our classes, or going to watch shows, many of us are really feeling the burlesque blues.
But fear not, there are plenty of ways we can enjoy the wonders of burlesque from our very own homes.
Here are 10 ways you can still indulge you burlesque needs whilst living in lockdown:

1. Get on Instagram

Any burlesque performer knows that Instagram is a really good platform for sharing your art.
Many of them are posting extra content during lockdown to ensure their fan are kept entertained.
This is great for any burlesque lovers as you can find some amazing photos videos and even live performances.
There are a number of Love You Burlesque lovelies with their own performer accounts which is a great place to start.

2. Work on you

There will be plenty of people reading this that have dreamed of performing but for whatever reason just haven’t got round to it.
There are a lot of things to think about before you step on to the burlesque stage.
Luckily for you, right now you probably have plenty of time to think.
The hardest decision for me was what my performer name should be.
You may already have one in mind, but if not there are several things you can consider.
Think about your favourite things, from colours, to foods, and even films.
Right down a list of words that you like and that describe your character and have a play around to see what you like the sound of.
The key thing is not to be ashamed to change your mind. Many dancers decide later on that they want to change their name and that is completely okay.

3. Make those bras sparkle

One of my favourite burlesque things to do at home is make costumes.
Now, you don’t have to be an expert seamstress to make your own burly bits.
All you need is a bra and some sparkly stuff.
Get creative with the glitter, lace and rhinestones and see what you can create.
Who knows, we could all be going back to classes looking even more fabulous than before.

4. Create a playlist

For me, whenever I am listening to music, I am listening out for anything I think I could dance to.
It’s really handy to create a playlist to keep all the songs you like the sound of together.
I like to listen to mine on repeat to really get to know the songs well.
My tip is that if you are bored of a song after a week of listening to it, it’s not a good idea to use it for an act, as you will fall out of love with it very quickly.

5. Work on THAT routine

Ruby Blue
Many of us will have an idea for a routine that will not leave our minds.
We have been thinking about it for ages but there is just something that stops us.
During lockdown we have plenty of time to make a start.
Not only will you be satisfying your burlesque needs, it also gives you a project to focus on whilst you are stuck indoors.

6. Get inspired

The internet is full of videos of some amazing performances.
Get on YouTube or Vimeo and have a look for some to watch.
It’s a great idea to explore different styles of burlesque as there may be one that you haven’t seen before that you fall in love with.
Watching other performers is a great way to get inspired and will help you decide what type of dancer you want to be.

7. Stay in touch with your burlesque sisters

Anyone who has been to a Love You Burlesque class knows that the friendships that are made in class are amazing.
Burlesque has an ability to join women of all ages, shapes, and backgrounds in a fabulous way.
Classes become more than just somewhere to go to dance, they become a community and support network for all aspects of life.
Whilst in lockdown, make sure you stay in touch with your class mates.
Right now, times are tough so a chat with some fabulous people is great for cheering you up.

8. Plan future shows

Although (sadly) none of us can go and watch any shows at the moment, we can plan to for the future.
Whilst booking tickets isn’t really recommended, there is nothing stopping us from getting some ideas.
There are many dance companies that host regular shows and performances that are sure to be jumping back on stage as soon as they can.
Give them a follow on social media so you can find out a bit more about them and find out when they are performing again.

9. Practice your make up skills

If you are anything like me, you haven’t worn make up in weeks.
Although it may feel a bit pointless getting all glammed up with no where to go, taking time to do your face can make you feel really good.
It’s also a great opportunity to try some new techniques, after all, it doesn’t matter if it all goes wrong.
If you find your self looking particularly fabulous how about doing your own photo shoot from home?

10. Sign up to Love You Burlesque’s from home courses

The best news is that we can still dance with our Love You Burlesque whilst we are in lockdown.
Our lovely tutors have some fantastic routines planned for us, from fabulous floor-work with Ruby Blue, to a classy chair routine with Misfit Monroe and bath time themed fun with Miss Nic Oh La La.
The one perk of lockdown is that location isn’t an issue as you will be doing you classes from home.
There are live classes through out the week at different times via Zoom.
For those who would rather learn in their own time, there are also a couple of tutorial classes for you to do when you wish.
Find out more about the classes and sign up here.

Stay safe, and keep on sparkling,

Magenta x

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