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The 12 things you will find in Burlesque dancer’s wardrobe

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Taking a look inside a burlesque dancers wardrobe is always going to be an interesting experience.You will find many things you would expect, such as props and costumes, but there might be a few things that come as a surprise.

Here are the 12 things you will find in a burlesque dancers wardrobe:

1 – A glove that belongs to someone else 

We have all been there, you are doing a glove peel and can never work out which two make up your pair, you take what looks right and hope for the best. After all, there isn’t any way of labeling them.

2 – Some eyelashes that have seen their best days.

It is an amazing feeling when you find the perfect set of lashes.They are comfortable, fit well and most importantly look amazing.If you look after your lashes you can get a lot of wears from them, but there does come a time when they need to go.

3 – A ripped stocking

Isn’t is so annoying when you rip a stocking, especially when it is the first time you have worn them.Nails and jewelry are the main culprits.However it is always tempting to keep them to practise with, even if you never get round to it.

4 – The first corset

It can take a while to find the best place to get your corsets.There are so many to choose from for all different budgets and body shapes.However, usually your first one isn’t quite right, but there is no way you could ever get rid of it.

5 – The makeup t-shirt

Burlesque costumes can be very expensive and we want to look after them.Because of this it is important to keep them protected whilst you do your make up.Most dancers will have some sort of t-shirt or dress covered in makeup from previous performances. It could probably do with a wash, but what’s the point when it is just going to be covered in lipstick, blusher and foundation again.

6 – Glitter, a lot of glitter

If you do go diving into a burlesque dancers wardrobe be prepared to come out far more fabulous than before.This is because without a doubt you will get covered in glitter.

We use it for everything, for makeup costumes and even as props. A Burlesque dancer’s wardrobe would not be complete without it!

7 –  A lone nipple tassel

Us burlesque dancers love our nipple tassles, in fact we would be lost without them.However many of us will have been through the devastating experience of losing one.We have no idea where it went, and can’t remember where we last saw it.We will forever keep hold of its pair just in case it shows up.

8 – All the rhinestones

Much like glitter, we love to use rhinestones wherever we can in burlesque.They are an essential part of making us look and feel incredible.However they have a habit of pinging off of costumes. You will definitely take some with you as they love to stick to everything apart from what they are supposed to.

9 – Very plain underwear

Inside the wardrobe you are sure to find some very extravagant underwear, including rhinestoned thongs and frilly knickers.However, you will also find some very plain, boring nude pants too.These nude g-strings are an essential to all performers to try and avoid embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions. See a Burlesque dancer’s wardrobe can be practical and fabulous!

10 – Double sided tape

You would probably not expect to find double sided tape inside a burlesque dancers wardrobe, but it is an essential.No one wants to lose a pastie midway through a performance, so you have to make sure they are on strong.Double sided tape is one of the most popular ways of attaching our pasties, but can be very painful to remove.

11 – Plasters

Plasters are another non-glamourous but essential item for a dancer to have.Nothing is worse than when your shoes rub, and you have to pretend like everything is fine.Always make sure you have plasters with you when you are performing to avoid the pain.

12 – Baby wipes 

You never know how important baby wipes are until you have done a show on a very hot summer day.When you have a quick change they can be a real lifesaver as you try to peel yourself in and out of sweaty costumes.

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