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Introducing Ruby Blue…

By November 20, 2020 No Comments

Love You Burlesque would be nothing without all of the fabulous ladies who come and dance with us. Even more so, without our incredible tutors. Here at LYB, we thought that you’d like to meet our tutors to find out what makes them shimmy, teach and what it is about burlesque that gets them hot under the collar! This week we were chatting to our very own ‘Alice in Burlesqueland’ the sexy, sassy Miss Ruby Blue…

1.   Tell us about your first burlesque experience……

My first burlesque encounter was at my best mates 40th birthday shindig. We went to Proud at Camden a cabaret club. It was 1920s themed dinner and show. Dressing up was encouraged and let’s face it i don’t need much encouragement. I donned a pink corset  short pink bob and the shortest skirt I’d ever worn. I felt and looked amazing. We pulled back a red velvet curtain to reveal a wonderland of gorgeousness. Waitresses in burlesque outfits all shapes and sizes. The show itself was amazing again lots of different body types and such a range of acts. Slow and sultry to bawdy comedy. The compere was daring and hilarious. I loved it all and said to my mates I need to be doing that in my life.


Tutors Ruby_Blue of Love You Burlesque

2.     What does body confidence mean to you?

Body confidence for me is more than accepting the body I have but celebrating it and supporting others getting their bods out there. I use to judge people alot about the things they wore “ooh she shouldn’t be wearing stripes with that figure” and “should he be wearing jeans at his age?”. I now think “who gives a f%-$”. We’ve been brainwashed by the media to think our bodies should look a certain way and when we don’t fit the type we feel shit and then judge others who aren’t following the “rules”. As soon as I stopped judging others and adopted a don’t give a f@#$ attitude my confidence to wear what I wanted soared. At 44 I’m wearing shorter shorts than I did when I was a teenager. My legs were my last taboo and those wobbly pins can’t be stopped. One of my best days was attending the Real Catwalk in 2019. A body confidence catwalk with real people of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds strutting their stuff in trafalgar Square. Walking in my bra and pants with around 200 people watching was something my 18year old self would have run from but at 43 it was a blast.

Ruby Blue

3.     What is your favourite Love You Burlesque moment to date?

Oooh favourite LYB moment to date? That’s a tough one, there’s been so many. But if one is all I’m allowed then it’s dancing at last years cabaret with the Colne Valley Vixens it was my own choregraphed routine “You’ll be a Woman”. A heady mix of melodic moodiness and comedic hedonism set to a wild west mash up track. The way the vixens embraced the routine was fantastic seeing their joy as they danced was intoxicating. Some of them hadn’t danced on stage before and when they came off they were buzzing and begging for more. A true LYB highlight and the first time I felt like a real tutor.

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