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My first class

By May 14, 2021 No Comments

What I experienced in my first ever Love You Burlesque class

I have had an interest in burlesque since I was really young. My mum started doing classes, and I watched the film Burlesque and was totally hooked. As someone who had danced from the age of thee I was in awe of it.

However, I was a bit too young so had to wait a few years. Fast forward to 2018 and I signed up for my first Love You Burlesque class. Aged 20, I really didn’t know what to expect. I hadn’t had any dance classes since I was 18, and just couldn’t wait to try something new.

Even though I was sure I was going to love it, I made use of the ‘shimmy for a fiver’ just in case.

Heading into class

To say I was eager would be an understatement, I arrived half an hour early but hid in my car for a while. I didn’t know anyone and was worried if I had made the right decision to wear leggings and a t-shirt.I saw someone who I thought might be involved in the class so quietly followed where they were going.That person turned out to be the wonderful Bitsy Sunshine.

I made my way into the village hall and introduced myself. Bitsy was taking that class, and instantly put myself at ease. I instantly felt welcome as everyone introduced themselves to me and were really friendly. There really was no need to fear that I wasn’t going to ‘fit in’ as no one there was the same.

To take part in Love You Burlesque’s classes, there are no requirements on how you need to look, what age, shape or size you are or anything like that.Any woman can join.

All That Jazz

The routine we were learning for my first course was so perfect for me. We were dancing to All That Jazz from Chicago – one of my all time favorite musicals.Not only that, it was a chair dance – I was so excited. The class was so much fun. Each move in the routine was fully explained by Bitsy and nothing was rushed.There was such a lovely atmosphere that I didn’t feel awkward to ask questions or to go over something again. For someone who has always danced the class was brilliant as it was a brand new style so it was just like being a beginner again.

I was fully immersed into the new style and felt amazing doing it. When it came to the end of the class I was gutted – I wanted to do more! As soon as I got home I sorted out my booking for the rest of the course. The rest of the course was taught by the amazing Ruby Blue.

What’s happened since

I was hooked on burlesque as soon as I started. I continued going to classes until the pandemic hit, and have been doing the online classes when I can. In 2019 I attended my first cabaret – what an incredible night. Knowing that cabaret 2021 is happening is soooo exciting!

I also performed in the 2019 solo showcase where Magenta was born.

If you have even the smallest interest in trying Love You Burlesque just go for it!

You will not regret it.

The classes are filled with some of the most amazing, interesting and friendly people you will ever meet.

All of the tutors are incredible and their main priority is that you are having fun and realising what a goddess you are.

You do not need to have a dance background, but anyone with experience is of course welcome.

Live classes are available to book online now, and you can shimmy for a fiver for your first one.

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