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How starting burlesque will change your life

By July 15, 2021 No Comments

Everyone who has ever attended a burlesque class knows that it is amazing.

In fact, taking that first step into a Burlesque class can completely change your life.

Some people may think burlesque is all about corsets, feather boas and strip tease.

Whilst we do love all of that, there is so much more to this amazing art.

It is empowering, expressive, relaxing and a lot more.

Here are just some of the ways that Burlesque can change your life:


Getting moving 

All of our lives have changed in at least one way over the past year.

The pandemic meant that most of us were stuck in our homes for the majority of last year, only leaving for essential reasons.

Netflix, Amazon Prime and all other streaming sites became vital to keeping entertained.

We are now allowed to go out, but it can be hard to get back into it.

Burlesque is perfect for this.

A Love You Burlesque class doesn’t require any particular level of fitness, so is suitable for all women.

You can move to your own ability, so it is a great way to start getting active again.

Making friends

All of our social lives have also taken a hit since the start of covid-19.

The thought of going out and socialising again after so long can be intimidating, especially when being around people you don’t know.

However, within minutes of entering a Love You Burlesque class, you will feel like you have known everyone there for years.

Burlesque will introduce you to new friends that you may have never met otherwise.

Body confidence

Every single one of us will struggle with our self esteem or body image at some point.

Whilst all of your worries won’t disappear straight away (wouldn’t that be amazing), if you regularly attend a burlesque class, you will start to notice a difference.

Every’body’ is welcome at Love You Burlesque, no matter your shape, size, colour or ability.

It is one of the most accepting places you will ever find yourself.

With help from the amazing, encouraging tutors, you will learn how to love and appreciate your body (which is incredible btw).

Mental Health

There are a lot of mental health benefits to burlesque.

The sense of empowerment you get from classes is really good at helping with a lot of daily struggles.

Classes give you a sense of freedom to forget all your worries, and spend an hour worshiping you and everything that makes you amazing.

As well as that, you are moving for the whole time, which is proven to help with anxiety, depression and many other conditions.

Self expression

Burlesque is the perfect way to express a side of you that you may not feel confident releasing in public.

You can be whoever you want to in burlesque.

In your day to day life you may be very modest and shy, but the minute you start moving to music you can become a seductive, irresistible, goddess.

You can also wear whatever you want!

If you want to attend class in suspenders, stockings and frilly knickers, amazing, or if you would rather come along in leggings and a t-shirt that is also amazing.

You never have to hide who you are at Love You Burlesque.

Keep sparkling,

Magenta x

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