About Us

A little bit about us!

If you’ve found your way to our website, the chances are that you’re interested in taking part in our all-shimmying, all-dancing and all-fabulous burlesque courses – and why not!

Love You Burlesque began as the Burlesque Jems in 2011 and since then, we have flourished beyond belief! After many years of shaking what our Mamma’s gave us, we decided that it was time for a revamp.

So, with brand new management in the form of burlesque tutors Lizzie & Bitsy, a shiny new name and logo, and a few brand new tutors, we are prepared to take the burlesque world by storm in our frilly knickers, feather boas and sequinned bras!

But why should you choose to dance with us? We can think of a million reasons, but here are just a few:

Lizzie and Bitsy
  • We host weekly classes in Essex, Suffolk and Herts.
  • The women you dance with are inspiring and supportive.
  • Burlesque is empowering and fun!
  • Love You Burlesque welcomes all body shapes and sizes. Whatever walk of life you’re from, Love You Burlesque wants you!
  • You get to learn a spectacular routine across an 8 week course.
  • There are plenty of dance-out opportunities. This means that you can dance in front of an audience at an event. (You don’t have to!)
  • Love You Burlesque hosts residential weekends and bonus classes so that you can fully immerse yourself in all things burlesque!
  • There are yearly Cabaret performance opportunities.
  • Solo performance opportunities if you’re feeling brave enough!
  • If that’s not enough, then just think about the amazing costumes and outfits that you’ll get to wear!

So what are you waiting for? Come along to one of our ‘Shimmy for a Fiver’ evenings and sparkle into a brand new burlesque way of life!

Welcome to Love You Burlesque!