Meet the Tutors

Meet the tutors that help to make Love You Burlesque so fabulous.

We choose our tutors for their unique and individual talents.

A Love You Burlesque tutor must show a bleief in equality and inclusivity and be dedicated to encouraging even the most shy newcomers to embrace their curves and love the skin they are in.

There is no judgement allowed in our classes, just joyous acknowledgement of the fact that we are all different, all beautiful and all woman.

We have courses in Essex, Suffolk, Herts and Hampshire, designed for women of all ages, shapes, sizes and abilities.

Tutors Bitsy Sunshine

Bitsy Sunshine

Company Director, Residential Tutor

Having worked all my life in dance and theatre I am so happy to have found my permanent home with Love You Burlesque. I am awed and inspired on a daily basis by all the Lovelies who have held me close through my troubles and look forward to a creative future and all the fabulousness of beautiful real women who can say with certainty 'I am enough.' It's true. You are!

Tutors Lizzie_Lovelace

Lizzie Lovelace

Company Director, Colchester Tutor

When it comes to dancing Lizzie Lovelace likes nothing better than a cheeky fast paced number that will get everyone clapping and whooping. For her burlesque is all about body confidence and her classes always leaves the ladies smiling and laughing.
Photography Credit: Graham Chippett

Tutors Em_de_la_Creme

Em de la Crème

Ipswich Tutor

Em de la Crème loves how burlesque boosts body confidence and also gives women the freedom to explore different sides of their personality. Whether you're feeling sexy, sassy, sultry or silly, burlesque has got you covered. She also loves a good bum shimmy!
Photography Credit: Carla Watkins Business & Branding Photography

Tutors Fey_Au_Lait

Fey au Lait

Basildon and Chelmsford Tutor

Fey au Lait is a classic burlesquer with a modern twist. Described as ``a saucy pot of glitter`` she has been teaching burlesque students the importance of individuality and feeling comfortable in your own skin. She is looking forward to sharing her performer top tips and getting you strutting with confidence!
Photography Credit: Khandie Photography

Tutors Misfit_Monroe

Misfit Monroe

Stevenage Tutor

Misfit Monroe is known for her classic pin up style as well as adding a modern twist to her choreography. She loves nothing more then seeing her students’ confidence grow from week to week and watching ladies unleash sass and fierceness they didn’t even know they had!
Photography Credit: Claire Seville

Tutors Miss_nic_oh_la_la of Love You Burlesque

Miss Nic Oh La La

Harlow and Ware Tutor

Miss Nic Oh La La loves watching the ladies take a risk to try something new, playing for grown ups - whether that’s Vixen, Cutie Pie, Temptress or Dominatrix. Love You Burlesque gives women an hour a week to just be whoever they choose. No Expectations, no Pressure, just fabulously themselves.
Photography Credit: Olly Brant

Tutors Queenie_Quid of Love You Burlesque

Queenie Quid

Maldon Tutor

Queenie Quid is an olde time soul with a mischievous mind! With a love for Edgar Allen Poe, macabre curiosities and all things weird, Queenie brings a playful touch of darkness to the stage. She hopes that by dancing with her, you will find a little piece of taboo within you that is just delicious.

Ruby Blue. Love You Burlesque Tutor.

Ruby Blue

Earl's Colne Tutor

Ruby Blue is a regular Alice in Burlesqueland. Constantly searching for the next adventure usually within a show tune or a Disney track...but not as you know them. Ruby thrives on seeing her students delving deeper and deeper into the burlesque rabbit hole. They usually start a course in comfy leggings and a t-shirt ( perfectly acceptable by the way), they finish in full burlesque paraphernalia revelling in the joy of their new found confidence. Ms Blue once thought it impossible to stand in front of people shaking her wobbly bits but now actively encourages others to join her. Will you follow Ruby down the rabbit hole? What will you discover?

Tutors Max La Lune of Love You Burlesque

Max LaLune

Southampton Tutor

Max LaLune dance background started in classical ballet background before moving through to the world of cabaret, both on stage and backstage, she then discovered BURLESQUE ! She loves that ladies (and gents) come to me as a ``tightly packed bud`` and within a short while they are a fully formed bloom. As a teacher she finds it a great pleasure and honour to assist someone on their journey to a more free-self. She is so excited to be part of the Love You Burlesque family.