Our Mission

Body Positivity For Any Body.

At Love You Burlesque, we love getting our glad-rags on and taking to the stage in our frilly knickers. One of our favourite things is whipping off a glove in a fabulous fashion, and there’s nothing quite like tickling the audiences’ fancy with a feather boa!

Whilst we absolutely love all the sparkly and feathery goodness that comes with being part of Love You Burlesque, we are also on a mission of our own.

We are on a mission to spread the message of body positivity and self-love far and wide! We want the world to know that ALL bodies are worthy of self-love and ALL bodies are burlesque bodies!

See our Blog for Body Positivity tips and inspiration.

So how does Love You Burlesque support body positivity & self-love?

  • We welcome and encourage all body shapes and sizes to take part.
  • We cater the routine to you – can’t move like that? We’ll change it so you don’t miss out!
  • Fran Hayden, body positive advocate and Love You Burlesque member, writes fortnightly blog posts often focusing on body image and confidence.
  • We are 100% judgement free in everything that we do.

We recognise that society has been putting people down for too long, and Love You Burlesque provides a safe and fun place for women to express themselves, learn exciting routines and forge unforgettable friendships with fellow members.

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