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Dance Classes

Fancy a dance class with a difference?    

Love You Burlesque weekly dance classes are for all ages, shapes and sizes, and aimed at all abilities (so no experience necessary.)  Our Burlesque themed dance classes run in 8 week blocks and are oozing with body confidence tips, techniques and shimmies galore.  Throughout the 8 week course, you will learn different burlesque styles, poses and dance moves as part of a spectacular routine.

Love You Burlesque is more than just a dance class. It’s a way of life and we would love you to be part of it.

Not ready to sign up for our 8 week course, head over to our shimmy for a fiver page to find out more about our taster sessions.

Need to miss a class this course for a holiday or prior engagement? Use your Sparkle Off Voucher code. Every Lovely gets 4 ‘Sparkle Off’ days a year. Add code Sparkle Off 1 to claim £9 off your course price when booking. Subsequent codes are Sparkle Off 2, Sparkle Off 3, Sparkle Off 4. You can only use each code once.

Not sure what to wear?  Head over to our FAQs page for all the info you will need!

Check out of T & Cs (Terms & Conditions – sadly not Tea & Cake) before booking.