Frequently Asked Questions

I have never danced before, will I be ok?
Do you like to have fun? Do you like to dance? Do you like to laugh? Do you like to meet new friends?
If so, then yes you will be fine. In fact- I am sure you will have a great time!

I am completely new, do you run a beginners course?
We do not run courses especially for beginners- as our classes are for all abilities. Our experienced ladies are welcoming, supportive and the pace of the class is relaxed to suit all.
There are more ‘specialist’ workshops for those who have danced with us for a while, but even then we encourage beginners to give it a go- as you may just surprise yourself.

Am I too old, too big, too clumsy?
The Love You Burlesque dance classes are for ladies of all ages, abilities, shapes & sizes- we celebrate being a woman in all our many fabulous forms!
Each class has a diverse mix of ladies and we think every single one of them is fabulous!
The classes teach you dance techniques and Burlesque routines, but it’s not strict – the emphasis is more on feeling great & expressing yourself than ‘getting it right’.

Do you have to be confident to participate?
Most people who see the ladies when we perform think they started confident enough to wear a corset and dance in public. That really isn’t the case.
That is what Love You Burlesque is for- that 1 hour each week of re-finding your fabulousness. Before you know it you will find yourself shimmying down supermarket aisles, buying fishnets and making loads of new friends. The perfect anti-dote to ‘lost va-va-voom’.

Do I have to act sexy?
We don’t expect participants to do anything they are uncomfortable with. Over the 8 week course you will learn technique and a routine. The confidence to feel, act & look fabulous develops naturally over time.

Do I have to wear skimpy clothes or strip?
No. We encourage you to wear something that makes you feel glamourous but T shirt and leggings are fine. (You can always wear sexy undies underneath, no-one will know!)
We do however run both Niptastic tassel workshops and our Reveal Appeal Strip Club for those braver ladies who wish to learn the art of empowered striptease.

What if I miss a week, will I be able to catch up?
Most Lovelies find they miss a week here or there due to illness, work commitments, childcare etc and most find they catch up fine. The pace of the class isn’t rushed and we always cover what was learnt previously the week before so that it’s fresh in everyone’s mind.

If I start in week 2, is it still the same price?
If you can’t come to the first class you will still have to pay for the whole course, but don’t worry you will catch up no problem!

What are the other women like at the class?
In the average class we have ladies of all ages, abilities, shapes and sizes- just the way we like it! From teenagers to great-grandmothers! Check out the gallery for images to get a feel for our classes:
We pride ourselves on creating a supportive and encouraging environment, no ‘bitching’ allowed!
Check out our Meet the ladies page to hear more about the Lovelies experience of dancing with us

What do I have to wear?
Anything from the comfortable to the fabulous! Most ladies love the dressing up part of the classes and go all out with frilly knickers and corsets, others are more comfortable in leggings or jogging bottoms. Either way you won’t feel like the only one, but don’t wear anything that restrict your breathing or movement.  Most ladies are surprised at how quickly they are comfortable to purchase their first pair of frilly knickers!  When it comes to footwear, we suggest bare feet or dance shoes but definitely not trainers as these could cause you injuries.
If you are still unsure just come in something you can move in and we can take it from there

Is there anything else I need to bring?
Please bring a bottle of water to class to keep hydrated.
If your class is dancing with a prop, (i.e. feather boa, gloves, fans etc) you will be informed in an e-mail before the first class.

I want to come with a friend but if not can I come on my own?
We hear this a lot! Most ladies attend classes on their own- but quickly get to know their class mates, as well as the ladies in other classes. I know of so many friendships which have been formed through Love You Burlesque.

What else do I get out of the dance classes?
Love You Burlesque is more than just a dance class!
Ladies who have participated have found that being one of The Lovelies has many benefits including increased confidence, a new circle of friends & a weekly dose of empowering ‘me’ time. See what the Lovelies have to say about their Burlesque experience here.
We have lots going on outside of the classes: organised group trips often with discount tickets to Burlesque revues and Cabaret nights, optional opportunities to perform as part of the Love You Burlesque group, Residential weekends and other workshops and events to attend.
The great thing about Love You Burlesque is not only the supportive atmosphere created by our tutors in class, but also the larger community of Lovelies outside of class. It’s a great occasion when ladies from different classes mix and meet at the one-off workshops, residential, performances or group trips we organise. Also ladies from all over the country, across all of our dance classes connect on our private Love You Burlesque Facebook group – this is only open to those who have attended classes.

What can I expect from my first session?
The class will start with a Burlesque inspired warm-up, then often a technique session where you will break down different moves, then you will get started on learning the introduction of the course routine step by step with plenty of repetition.
On arrival you will be asked to sign a register. Please do not be late as this can be disruptive to the class.

Do I have to perform?
Performing as part of the group is entirely optional and there is absolutely no pressure. Some ladies never want to perform, other always want to perform and some think they don’t when they join, but before they know it they’re shimmying onto the stage. Our performances are not a scheduled part of the course but we do get invited to dance at Carnivals, Vintage Fairs and other events. See our Where to see us page
We have our Student Showcase Cabaret night- where most ladies opt to perform as it’s the highlight of the Burlesque year, with all classes coming together for one night of performance, dance and celebrating being a woman.

Can I just pay for one class to see if I like it?
Our courses are very popular and fill up quickly therefore we must have payment in advance for the whole course to secure your place. However, the first class of each course is available as ‘Shimmy For A Fiver.’ So, you can turn up to class for just £5. If you then decide to join, the £5 will be deducted from your course fee.

We also have one-off workshops that anyone can attend, check out the workshop page. Most ladies just jump straight into an 8 week course and love it from the word go!